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Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry

Patio gardeners will love this. I've been researching a sun loving easy to grow plant that thrives in containers and produces continually, providing season long cereal toppers or jam fodder. It's the Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry I'm talking about. What a gem, being self fertile and seedless, it's frui…

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Wild Sunflower

This wild sunflower comes up in my garden every year and astonishes me with it's toughness,disease resistance and drought hardiness. It blooms prolifically from June to October and is an absolute magnet for wildlife. On a recent hot sunny afternoon I stood still and just watched as a hummingbird dip…

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Shrimp Plant

Red, yellow, orange and fruit cocktail are all colors available for one of my favorite family of plants. The shrimp plants! These hummingbird and butterfly attracting, shade loving, low water using, repeat blooming gems are one of our underutilized landscape standouts. There are a number of related …

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4th of July - We are Open!

It's the 4th of July and YES! We are open!

Oxblood Lilies

It's the time of year to go ahead and get those oxblood lilies planted so they can brighten up the garden come the end of summer rains. Also called schoolhouse or hurricane lilies due to their fall bloom time, these hardy heirloom bulbs are one of our most popular pass along plants here in central T…

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Paprika Yarrow

This paprika yarrow is in full bloom right now and boy is it stunning! Yarrow has a pretty cool history too, having been used medicinally for millennia by our ancestors in the British Isles, the Eurasian continent and by Native American peoples and was found buried with the occupants of neanderthal …

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Hacienda Creeper

We're all about feeding the wildlife here at the nursery and we know a lot of our customers garden specifically to induce critters into their garden, so I thought I would mention Hacienda Creeper. It was found in Mexico growing on an old estate by local garden writer and friend of the nursery Scott …

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Lions and Tigers and Mosquitos, OH MY!

Mild temperatures and copious rain have resulted in the perfect storm of mosquito conglomerations this spring, sending in a plethora of customers saddened by their inability to spend lovely evenings on the porch. "What can I do? is a common refrain, so we've compiled a list of plants known to repel …

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Purple Ice Plant

These Purple Ice Plants are still blooming, even in all this rain!

Like other Ice Plants, these baby's love lots of sun, and are highly drought tolerant. We've known them to be strong bloomers in our hotter months, but they're kind of out doing themselves by keeping the blooms coming during…

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Fun facts: A baby owl is called an owlet, a group of owls is called a parliament of owls. The parliament of owlets pictured is this years hatchlings here at the nursery, lovingly named Bonnie & Clyde!

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Opuntia ficus-indica

Today's blossoms on the slightly mis-named Spineless Prickly Pear, otherwise known as Opuntia ficus-indica, Sweet Prickly Pear, or even Barbary Fig. This is a popular prickly pear for residential landscapes as it lacks the ling hard spines of many cacti, and has only small amounts of the cluster…

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Stink Bugs

It's the time of the year when the stink bugs and especially the leaf - footed bugs pose a significant threat to our home grown tomato crops, causing yellow spotting, discoloration and off flavors which render them nearly inedible, making many of our customers red in the face...and one can't blame t…

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Mexican Olive

This is the time of year when Austin's Mexican Olive, sometimes known as Anachuite, really gets to shine. The blossoms on ours here in the grounds have had the post rainstorm beauty almost every day lately. It's a drought tolerant, South Texas native that will go dormant to the ground in Austin's co…

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Water Wise Plants

Our gardens are a respite from stressful days, traffic, incessant gadget stimulation and the increasingly frustrating world we live in, so it's little wonder some people want a tropical feel to transport them to another place where flip flops and fruity cocktails with umbrellas soothe. Since we do s…

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Incense Passionflower

Our Incense Passionflower that's growing on the property is already in bloom! This is one of the results of having such a mild winter. Really the delicious fragrance on this one almost makes up for the increased population of mosquitos that comes along with the mild winter too. Almost. Personally, t…

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Goji Berries

Goji berries have been consumed in certain parts of the world for generations for the long list of health benefits they are purported to possess. We have some employees here who have been growing them for a couple of years now and have had good results with their cold hardiness and ease of cultivati…

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Coral Bean

Coral bean is a cold hardy tropical that loves our heat and takes our drought with aplomb. It usually freezes back and returns with vigor, but due to our mild winter they didn't die as far back and are already blooming gorgeously. The bright red blooms persist throughout the summer and are absolute …

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Walking Iris

Look at the flowers on these Walking Iris!
It's this perennial's time of year to shine. After these flowers fade, the stalk that holds each bloom up bends down to the ground with the weight of a baby iris growing where the flower was. It then roots into the ground where the stalk gently sets down. …

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Cotton Leaf Passionflower

In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to introduce a hard to find native, Cotton Leaf Passionflower! Also known as, Passiflora foetida var. gossypifolia, this one is for all the folks that have been looking for native Texas Passionflowers. It's a smaller growing passion flower than some of it's more we…

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Give 5% to Mother Earth

We’re excited to be a business partner of this year’s Give 5% to Mother Earth campaign, which will benefit 9 amazing nonprofits working to keep Austin clean, green, and healthy. Join us on Earth Day (this Friday, April 22nd) and 5% of your purchase will go toward these local environmental causes. Le…

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