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Red Powder Puff

Occasionally we find a gem lurking in the back of one of our greenhouses and decide to make it available to the customers that enjoy having something a little different. In this case it's a member of the calliandra genus (commonly known as fairy dusters) called red powder puff. This is a very showy plant when in full bloom, with the shrubby small tree covered in attractive dainty red blooms that the hummingbirds delight in. It is however, only marginally cold hardy, being rated as zone 9 on the hardiness scale, so it's ideal home would be on the south side of a wall in town where we don't dip quite as low or farther south, for instance for those folks with a place near the coast. Another option would be to container grow it to be brought into a greenhouse over winter. We have just one, and it's priced to move, so we'll look forward to seeing you if you think this might be an ideal fit for your garden.

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