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Blog posts September 2016


Bamboo is here!

We now have six different types of clumping bamboo in various sizes from 5 gallon to 30 gallon containers. These clumping varieties aren't invasive the way many folks imagine all bamboo to be. Their base cluster gradually widens in a similar manner to an iris, but the do not send …

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Lil' Kim Violet Althea

Oh, these are pretty!

We have just landed our first Lil' Kim Violet Althea. Their plum-violet flowers can get up to 3 inches across, and stand out drastically against their dark green foliage. These deciduous, drought tolerant shrubs are a more compact Althea, growing to a maximum of 4 feet tall …

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Butterfly Weed

We have just received our first autumn shipment of native milkweeds! We now have 7 different types of butterfly weeds (milkweeds) in 1 gallon containers available to help you, help our dear & nearly endangered Monarch Butterflies as they pass through on their annual migration south. Yes, seven (7) t…

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Ancient Trees

There have been some really neat articles in the news lately about ancient trees! First, who knew there was a grove of 2000 olive trees in Lima, Peru planted nearly 500 years ago by the Spaniards when they arrived? It's nice to know they now constitute a park that is enjoyed by the locals who picnic…

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Fiddle Leaf Figs

Fiddle Leaf Figs are here!
Folks have been pining for these babies, and our first autumn shipment has landed :)
We have them in both 3 gallon & 7 gallon containers, along with a few 3 gallon containers of the more unusual Little Leaf Fiddle Leaf Fig. Get 'em before they're gone.


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Meeting Felder Rushing

On meeting Felder Rushing, the "Gestalt Gardener," accomplished author, lecturer, and supremely gifted horticulturist at Barton Springs Nursery...

Willy: "Wow! Felder Rushing! What are you doing here?"
Felder: "Just passing through like bad gas..."
Willy: "Would you mind taking a photo with m…

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Echinacea is well known as an herbal supplement, but here in central Texas we love it as a gorgeous native wildflower that brings so much cheer to the garden. It is native only to north America but is now recognized and cultivated worldwide. It's spiny orange central cone gives it it's name (from th…

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Winter Veggies

With the cooler than usual temps it's time to plant your winter veggies. For those new to our area or inexperienced with winter gardening, here are a few hot tips. Generally the things we plant this time of year will be the greens including kale, chard, collards, bok choi, lettuce and the brassicas …

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American Beauty Berry

It's American Beauty Berry's (Callicarpa americana) turn to shine!

Birds love the edible berries of this native, understory, durable, deciduous shrub, and we love how vibrant the berries are. Also, researchers have recently verified the effectiveness of the Native American tradition of using crus…

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