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Our first Fall shipment of citrus are here!

We just got in 2 gallon containers of Meyers Lemons, Meiwa Kumquats, Miho Satsuma Tangerines, & Rio Red Grapefruit. These Texas grown babies look luscious and are just waiting for folks to come by & give them new homes. Did you all know that the Kumquat…

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It's about time for the violets to spring out of their summer dormancy, which every year reminds me that summer doesn't last forever! What a great groundcover they make in the dry shade. We have several native species in Texas, but the one most commonly seen in our gardens is the Missouri violet, ak…

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Southern Magnolia

Ah, the exquisite elegance of the Southern Magnolia; what a shame that we cannot, as of yet, convey fragrances through these posts!
Native to southeastern Texas, it can do quite well in mesic areas in central and east Austin with some soil depth. They will love a bag of acidified compost at plantin…

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Red Powder Puff

Occasionally we find a gem lurking in the back of one of our greenhouses and decide to make it available to the customers that enjoy having something a little different. In this case it's a member of the calliandra genus (commonly known as fairy dusters) called red powder puff. This is a very showy …

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Tour de Hives and Bee-Friendly Plants

We're delighted to be partnering with and co-sponsoring the Zilker Park "Tour de Hives" that is going on right now. There are all kinds of neato bee exhibits and speakers to help us learn. We've sent our own eco-enthusiast and insect-advocate Eva Van Dyke to give a talk on local plants to help bees.

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Salvia greggii

Salvia greggii is one of our most useful garden perennials, and it's worth revisiting the many attributes of this 'oldy but a goody'. Right now with temps hovering in the 100's, autumn sage(as it's also known) is thriving without irrigation and even blooming a bit in the hot strip between my sidewal…

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Lamb's Quarter

One of our common but little known garden weeds turns out to be related to spinach and equally nutritious! It's called lamb's quarter and it grows in the warm season when spinach is gasping for air, making it an admirable substitute. The mineral rich leaves, roots and seeds of lamb's quarter are all…

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Texas Star Hibiscus

The native Texas Star Hibiscus (Hibiscus coccinea) has decided that it's time to shine!
This beauty is native to East Texas, and with sufficient irrigation, will still thrive in the Austin area as well. It's a root-hardy perennial that can grow over 6 feet tall with 4-7 inch wide blossoms all the w…

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