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Blog posts June 2016

Oxblood Lilies

It's the time of year to go ahead and get those oxblood lilies planted so they can brighten up the garden come the end of summer rains. Also called schoolhouse or hurricane lilies due to their fall bloom time, these hardy heirloom bulbs are one of our most popular pass along plants here in central T…

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Paprika Yarrow

This paprika yarrow is in full bloom right now and boy is it stunning! Yarrow has a pretty cool history too, having been used medicinally for millennia by our ancestors in the British Isles, the Eurasian continent and by Native American peoples and was found buried with the occupants of neanderthal …

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Hacienda Creeper

We're all about feeding the wildlife here at the nursery and we know a lot of our customers garden specifically to induce critters into their garden, so I thought I would mention Hacienda Creeper. It was found in Mexico growing on an old estate by local garden writer and friend of the nursery Scott …

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Lions and Tigers and Mosquitos, OH MY!

Mild temperatures and copious rain have resulted in the perfect storm of mosquito conglomerations this spring, sending in a plethora of customers saddened by their inability to spend lovely evenings on the porch. "What can I do? is a common refrain, so we've compiled a list of plants known to repel …

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Purple Ice Plant

These Purple Ice Plants are still blooming, even in all this rain!

Like other Ice Plants, these baby's love lots of sun, and are highly drought tolerant. We've known them to be strong bloomers in our hotter months, but they're kind of out doing themselves by keeping the blooms coming during…

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