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Blog posts April 2016

Coral Bean

Coral bean is a cold hardy tropical that loves our heat and takes our drought with aplomb. It usually freezes back and returns with vigor, but due to our mild winter they didn't die as far back and are already blooming gorgeously. The bright red blooms persist throughout the summer and are absolute …

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Walking Iris

Look at the flowers on these Walking Iris!
It's this perennial's time of year to shine. After these flowers fade, the stalk that holds each bloom up bends down to the ground with the weight of a baby iris growing where the flower was. It then roots into the ground where the stalk gently sets down. …

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Cotton Leaf Passionflower

In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to introduce a hard to find native, Cotton Leaf Passionflower! Also known as, Passiflora foetida var. gossypifolia, this one is for all the folks that have been looking for native Texas Passionflowers. It's a smaller growing passion flower than some of it's more we…

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Give 5% to Mother Earth

We’re excited to be a business partner of this year’s Give 5% to Mother Earth campaign, which will benefit 9 amazing nonprofits working to keep Austin clean, green, and healthy. Join us on Earth Day (this Friday, April 22nd) and 5% of your purchase will go toward these local environmental causes. Le…

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30th Anniversary!

Congrats to our 4 winners so far in our 30th anniversary sweepstakes month! Yep, if you hadn't heard April 1 marked 30 years in Austin for us. We started out down on Barton Springs Road near where Chuy's is and moved up to West Lake a few years later. It's great to still have so many customers who r…

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Celebrating 30 Years!

Happy Birthday To Us!!

Today is our 30th birthday! No April Fool's either. To celebrate our birthday, we're inviting shoppers to place an entry in our raffle box with each transaction. We'll be drawing multiple winners of different garden supplies at undisclosed times throughout the month of Ap…

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