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Blog posts March 2016


Bluebill is a dainty little vine that doesn't get a whole lot of attention and doesn't make much of a presence in the landscape, but when it blooms, it sure is a beauty! We're in the southernmost part of it's native range, so sharp eyes can occasionally spot it when hiking along our local greenbelts…

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Most people are aware these days of the plight of honey bees and of their importance to both our ecosystem and to food producers as pollinators. They are a fascinating creature and it's worth our efforts to try and save them. Some folks may not realize however that honey bees are not a native specie…

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Scarley Buckeye

Our native Scarlet Buckeye is in full bloom! Central Texas is on the southern end of these unique beauties' native range. This photo was taken here on the nursery grounds, but we've heard rumors of a huge one on the south side of Town Lake, near the Mopac bridge. Have any of you seen it yet this yea…

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It's interesting in the landscape world to see how plant trends can be just as fickle as fashions at the mall. Palms for instance were all the rage a few years ago and now we're seeing a resurgence of interest. One reason is that our native palms (Sabal texana and Sabal minor) are evergreen, deer re…

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Spring is Here!

The Mountain Laurels in Zilker Park, and almost all over town, have decided it's already spring! Texas oldtimers have always claimed that spring isn't definitely here until the Pecan trees start putting on their spring leaves, claiming that the Pecan trees never lie. Well, the older Pecans in the la…

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