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Blog posts February 2016

Marina madrone

It's frustrating as native plant enthusiasts that most people, including ourselves struggle to cultivate our native madrone. It's one of the most beautiful indigenous trees we have in Texas and has a certain mystique that makes many of us crave it in our gardens. The Marina madrone is a close second…

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Winter Veggies

The old adage from Guy Clark that says "Only two things that money can't buy, that's true love and homegrown tomatoes" is so true and it applies not just to tomatoes but also to our winter vegetables, which taste so much fresher, crispier and sweeter than storebought. The master gardener's vegetable…

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Air Plants

Whooooboy! The Tillandsia bulbosa 'belize' is demanding our attention around the shop today, I tells ya. It normally looks like some variety of squid from Venus (don't ask me which one, who can memorize them all, right?). Now, the big Tilly is unfurling a flower, brimming with blue, purple, orange, …

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Liquid Seaweed and Dr. T.L. Seen

"Liquid Seaweed" is the most frequently heard response to garden maladies, to get new plantings up-and-running, to truly "winterize"--as in, to provide the substantive nutritional boost plants need during times of fluctuating temperatures-- all, "Liquid Seaweed." It'll even keep Spider Mites off you…

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