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Blog posts August 2015

Garden Spiders

We've been seeing a ton of those black and yellow garden spiders around this summer. Their botanical name means 'bright face overlaid with gold' and they are truly beautiful. Harmless to people and detrimental to your pest population, be sure not to succumb to arachnophobia and mess with these impor…

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Fox Farm

New product in the house! We're going to start introducing some products from the well known Fox Farms of Humbolt, CA, beginning with their 'Ocean Forest' potting mix. It's loquacious ingredient list includes fish emulsion, crab meal, shrimp meal, worm castings, sandy loam, fossilized bat guano, gra…

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Austin Tour de Hives

On August 15, aka Honeybee Awareness Day, the third annual Austin Tour de Hives is taking place with proceeds going to the Travis County Beekeepers Association, a non-profit dedicated to raising public awareness about the importance of these highly beneficial insects. Barton Springs Nursery is a pro…

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My book for the summer is The Count of Monte Cristo and I was interested to read a passage in it where the Count purchases a country property on the edge of Paris and instructs his gardener to turn some 'leaf mould' into the garden to reinvigorate the ancient trees. Unsure what leaf mold was, I did …

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