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Blog posts May 2015

Congrats Nick!

Our on site Production Supervisor, Nick Ulrich has been chosen by a leading horticultural industry trade journal as one of the nation's top, young greenhouse growers & innovators!

We're glad to have Nick on our team, and to see his efforts, expertise, inventiveness, and down right funkiness get s…

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Texas Torchwood

Another under-utilized shrub that we now have on sale is Texas Torchwood (Amyris texana). We got our original cuttings from a plant that was purchased at famed Texas plantsman Lynn Lowery's nursery and it's been put to the test in some harsh conditions. Check out this list of all-star qualities: Eve…

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Mosquito Repelling Plants

Along with our plentiful rain this spring has come a vigorous mosquito population. Many plants can help in repelling them to varying degrees, and the key to keep in mind is that placing one citronella geranium on your patio won't be enough to deter the bloodthirsty little beasts. What is more effect…

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Namibian Sage

I'm giving an overdue shout-out to Namibian Sage. This amazing Salvia (S. namaensis) is deer resistant, drought-tolerant, evergreen, tolerant of poor soils, and has a great texture. There's a handful for sale right now but we're continuing to propagate it and will hopefully have more to offer you in…

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Butterfly Food

We've been so happy to help butterfly enthusiasts with milkweed to provide larval food for the monarchs.....and now we have wafer ash (Ptelea trifoliata) available to provide fodder for the giant and eastern tiger swallowtail. It's been a while since we've had these in a one gallon, so snap some up …

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One of the many benefits of the rain we've been having is the return of Lightning Bugs, aka Fireflies. One of the more mystical and delightful creatures of late Spring/Summer, their population usually ebbs during a drought but their numbers also dwindle due to over development and too many chemical …

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Thai Lime

Chefs rejoice! We have the much sought after Thai lime currently in stock. These little starts will take a little time to get up to size, but they sure are affordable. For the uninitiated, Thai lime is a common culinary ingredient in recipes for some types of curry, stirfrys, coconut soup and salads…

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Texas Wisteria

An underutilized and rare vine for our area is Texas wisteria, aka American wisteria. This wonderful native can be seen growing on the walls at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. It is very fragrant and less aggressive than the more common Asian varieties. It also differs by blooming on wood th…

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Red Yucca

This week we have to give props to some members in the Hesperaloe genus, namely H. parviflora. Commonly called "Red Yucca," these woody lilies are standing tall and proud all over town right now and will continue to do so for weeks to come. Even with unrelenting sun and drought these desert natives …

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