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Blog posts April 2015

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper

Have you heard of the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper?

In 2012, it topped the Ghost Pepper for hottest pepper in the world, and now we have 4" plants of them for sale on our veggie table!
We grew these ourselves from seed that was harvested from one of our employee's gardens last autumn. Even though th…

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Hill Country Penstemon

Want to get some extra color and oomph into your xeric garden beds? Hill country penstemon is one tough cookie! It's glossy leaves and large fuchsia blooms make it a native stand out. Here it is blooming in my cactus and succulent garden in full sun.


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Rose Campion

Rose campion was first mentioned in the United States by Thomas Jefferson in his 'Garden Book' in 1767. It's a lesser known biennial or short lived perennial that has incredible contrast between the magenta blooms and the silvery foliage. It's genus Lychnis is from the Greek for lamp and is thought …

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What's a boon to the birds is a bane to mankind! We're seeing a plague like epidemic of armyworms all over the nursery. These voracious eaters can do some real eating. They most likely won't do serious long term damage to your landscape, but if you're seeing a lot of them in certain areas of the law…

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Avery Island Wisteria

Our Avery Island Wisteria has burst it's seams!

All over town the Wisteria are adding their gorgeousness and rich fragrance to our springtime. The one in this photo is our mama, that we propagate the 1 & 5 gallon Avery Island Wisteria we sell from. We love this variety because like most deciduous…

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