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With spring starting to spring it's time to get our herb table all stocked up with culinary staples, so I thought a few basics about herb gardening might be in order. Nearly all herbs like to be in the sun, but some that will take partial sun to light shade include mint, parsley, patchouli, oregano,…

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Leatherleaf Mahonia

Leatherleaf mahonia is a non native but well adapted shrub for our area and grabs people's attention this time of year with it's late winter fragrant yellow blooms. It's a great attractor of bees, thereby giving the winter time veggie garden a nice little assist. It's also deer resistant with it's s…

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Spring is just about here and it's time in these next couple of weeks to cut back your ornamental grasses, perennials and any evergreen shrubs that bloom in the summer. Hold off on spring bloomers such as azaleas, as they have already set their flower buds. Wait on them until after blooming. When pr…

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Fighting Weeds

It's the time of year when people start looking at their yard and think of ways to improve and beautify in the weeks to come. For those who battle weeds coming up in their turf grass, NOW is the time to apply Corn Gluten - an organic product that has been known to inhibit the expansion of certain we…

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