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Blog posts November 2015

Fruit Trees

Gone out of season now are the plums, peaches and nectarines that I savor through the summer. Fortunately, the consolation for this loss is the arrival of citrus season. No more desiccated oranges brought out of cold storage months after harvest and foisted on innocent consumers as fresh. All around…

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Fungus Problems

We've seen quite a few folks come in with fungus problems in their lawns. It is really common, if not predictable, in cool, wet seasons. Although there are many products that can eliminate fungi in the lawn, a simple application of compost can prevent fungi from ever setting in. A 1/4" application o…

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Look at the Cyclamen popping!

Did any of you know that the original Cyclamen are native to the Caucus mountains, the very mountains that are the root of the word 'caucasian'? They have been used medicinally in their native land for centuries. These wildly vibrant hybrids that are now available ar…

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Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees are already here!

I know, we're breaking some tradition by even mentioning them before Turkey Day. Please forgive us our trespass. We're excited to have these in quite a variety of sizes, from little 6" pots of Rosemary cones to a beast of a 30 gallon Blue Deodar Cedar that…

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Composting and Mulching

Arborists will tell you--emphatically-- that soil quality and quantity can be enhanced with compost and mulch, but did you know that simply applying your lawn clippings can make a high quality mulch/compost blend? You see, the nitrogen contained in the grass clippings, and the carbon in the (now shr…

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Monarch Butterflies

In their winter home; a forested, mountainous region of Michoacan, Mexico, Monarch Butterfly populations are measured in the hectares (1 hectare = 2.47 acres) of forest they occupy while they are there. This year, they are covering an area almost 4 times larger than they did last year!


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