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Blog posts October 2015

Feed the Bees!

For those who are looking for an easy-care native plant to feed our bees, but want to find something a little different, think about the Xeric White Aster, aka White Heath Aster (Sympiotrichum ericoides). The bees have delighted in the nectary-profusions of tiny white blossoms these plants have offe…

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It's time to get your Texas Bluebonnets in the ground!

Most of us are familiar with the images of fields of blooming bluebonnets in spring, but they make for a gorgeous low bedding plant too. They have been planted at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, which is perfect, as the Texas Bluebonn…

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Spanish Daggers

Oscar Paiz dug this Godzilla Spanish Dagger (Yucca treculiana) yesterday at our wholesale location before the rains began. It's ten years old, grown from a seed in the best, well drained soil Travis county has to offer, at Barton Springs Nursery Wholesale. Oscar, with that tractor, is a serious one …

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Copper Spiders

Copper spiders is an underutilized and tough plant for our area. It really comes in it's own this time of year when it's attractive grasslike blue green foliage is topped by spikes of golden yellow blossoms that are very attractive to a variety of butterfly species. Native in south Texas, it tolerat…

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Texas Pistache

For at least the last 15 years we've been recommending the Texas Pistache (Pistacia texana) as a replacement or substitute for large evergreen shrubs that are either disease prone or invasive, such as Redtip Photinias, Ligustrum, and the like. The only dilemma has been that the Texas Pistache (not t…

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Moonlight Garden

In our go go go world, some folks don't get a chance to relax and enjoy their garden until after the sun has set on their day. Why not put in a moonlight garden which features light colored silver or white flowers that pick up the light of the moon and glow through the darkness (It will be a beautif…

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