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Blog posts January 2015

Botanical Names

It's fun and worthwhile to get to know the botanical names of the plants we gardeners encounter. It can at times be the difference between planting the correct thing or not. For instance, if you were given a designer's plans for your garden and it called for a red oak, what would you plant? A Spanis…

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Veggie Garden

Ahhh...What a lovely winter we're having! Gulps of rain and then beautiful sunny days! According to the AgriLife Extension guide (linked below) this should be one of the busiest times of the year in the veggie garden. I'm inspired to (re) plant lettuce, carrots, peas, and more cilantro, and for thos…

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On this cold rainy wintery day we can certainly find some things to be thankful for. Well, of course the rain....but I was thinking more about the absence of those bloodsucking fiends...and it got me ruminating about the function of mosquitos in the ecosystem. Why are they here ruining our summer ev…

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Montezuma Cypress

Montezuma cypress is a south Texas native that is getting more and more interest in our neck of the woods. It's related closely to the bald cypress we have growing around Town Lake, with very similar delicate lacy foliage. It has proven to be cold hardy to at least zone 8 and is generally evergreen.…

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Big Tooth Maple

This big tooth maple in my yard is showing fall color for the first time. It's been in the ground now 4 years and has previously always just turned brown. Other people have mentioned that it took a few years for theirs to show color as well, so if you have one that hasn't given you any leaf peeping …

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Seed Food

Was tossing out some of the holiday décor yesterday and along with it went a floral arrangement that included some Pyracantha twigs and berries I found growing invasively in our greenbelt (two birds with one stone, right?) and was amazed that although the twigs and berries were bone dry the berries …

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