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Blog posts September 2014

Last Name Roots

As a horticulturist and onomastics enthusiast, I was noticing the other day how many last names I come across that show our deep seated relationships with plants. In the early middle ages when national governments became interested in individual taxation and census taking, first names were no longer…

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Baltimore orioles

Today is the first day of fall, and that means it's time to start watching out for our songbird friends to be passing through on their way south for the winter. You'll want to stock up on birdseed and keep your feeders full to maximize your viewing pleasure. Just this weekend I was fortunate to see …

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Weed and Feed

We field a lot of questions about "weed and feed" products. While the (unfortunately) popular overpowered chemical products that line the shelves of big box stores are known to weaken turf - causing a fast, unnatural growth that is susceptible to pests and disease - there is an organic alternative t…

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