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Blog posts December 2014

Christmas Cactus and Trees

Been dawdling on your holiday décor? Your dillydallying just paid dividends! We've put our Christmas cactus and trees all on sale for 25% off. That includes our rosemary topiaries and Aleppo and Italian Stone Pines and some very nicely shaped Arizona cypress and blue point juniper that would decorat…

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Holiday Cookie Swap

Here's a glimpse of our annual employee cookie swap!
We almost forgot to take pictures, and a few people had already headed back out into the nursery. Now please! No. More. Cookies. My stomach aches at the very idea...


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Needing something to spruce up the shade garden or interior of your house for the season? Cyclamen are a cool season annual that smell great and can be used inside in a bright area or outside in the shade. They are fragrant and have a long bloom season starting now and will continue to provide color…

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Chalk Maple

The chalk maple is showing some fantastic fall color. It's a native tree to rocky soils in east Texas. It's shade tolerance and smaller size (25 - 30 ft) makes it useful in urban gardens where it can be planted as a focal point under a high oak canopy. It has reliable fall color that ranges from bri…

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Flame Leaf Sumac

The Flame Leaf Sumacs around Austin are just popping!

Rhus lanceolata, also known as Prarie Flame-leaf Sumac, the Texas native has some of Austin's fieriest autumn orange & red foliage. This small tree can grow up to 30 feet tall, but is more likely to stay around 20 feet in our area. They actual…

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