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Blog posts November 2014

Cedar Elm

It's sublime to see the fall light streaming through the yellow orange hues of our native cedar elm. Definitely one of my favorite central Texas sights. These tough trees provide some of our most reliable fall color in these parts and are currently glowing side by side along with flameleaf sumac all…

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Meyer's Lemon

The Improved Meyer's Lemons are another of our more cold hardy citrus. When established in the ground, they have been known to handle as low as 20 degrees F!

All the Meyer's Lemons on the market should be the 'Improved' Variety. This variety was released in the 70's. Before then, most of the Meye…

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Sago Palms

People frequently puzzle over the odd flowering structures of the sago palms in their yard. Sagos are either male or female and produce flowers generally at 15 - 20 years of age. The male structure is tan colored and resembles a giant pine cone, while the female stucture is more like giant basketbal…

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Living Christmas Trees

It's hard to believe, but another holiday season approacheth. The weather today certainly betokens it! We think that the season should be celebrated not by killing an innocent conifer, but rather by decorating a living tree and planting it or donating it to a park or school afterwards. Our rosemary …

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Kumquats are the most cold hardy citrus we know of!

There are many reports of established Kumquats surviving temperatures as low as 10 degrees F. Usually evergreen in the Austin area, they have more of a shrub forming habit than some of the larger citrus, getting no more than 8-10 feet tall. The …

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October was exceedingly steamy
Yesterday's rain, so dreamy
It puts Austin in such a good mood
For plants, it's better than food
Our gardens will finally look lush...
Triggering a floral flush
Gifting us with visual delight
Out of darkness, finally some light
It's the reason we all still gard…

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Vasey's adelia

Wanting to get that funky look in the garden? Like rare butterflies? If so, then Vasey's adelia is a rare addition to your xeric native yard. It's a south Texas shrub with ascending wandlike branches, generally lacking secondary branching, giving it a unique upwardly flowing appearance. It's cold ha…

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These gems were unloaded off of our beloved box truck this morning: Kumaon Palm (Trachycarpus takil). This elusive cousin to the more common Windmill Palm (T. fortunei) can be found growing among cool oak forests of the Himalayas in Northern India at 8000' elevation, making it one of the most cold h…

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