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Blog posts October 2014

Hep Cat

Check out this hep cat! He was shambling along a twig, appearing to be a mobile pile of a vagabond with all of his possessions strapped to his back. In reality, this guy is a 'junk bug', a hunter with sharp mouth parts that he uses to extract juice from his victims(other bugs, mainly aph…

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Great Time to be at Barton Springs Nursery

This is a great time to come to the nursery for a few reasons. One, it's a great time to be planting; Two, we have a lot on sale, trying to clear things out for the winter; and three, we have an amazing selection. Since Fall is one of our busy seasons, we really stock up on plants, bringing in thing…

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These beautiful caterpillars are the larvae of the pipevine swallowtail. Planting the pipevines they eat(pictured) is a sure-fire way to get the butterflys into your yard to lay eggs. Another beautiful butterfly known as the polydamus swallowtail also lays it's eggs on the pipevine, so sometimes you…

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